Diana Reyes

My name is Diana Reyes and I created this website to share my passion for art.
I love painting in oil and charcoal. Each painting that I have created is unique and comes from my imagination.
Drawing is not only my passion it is my life because this make me happy.
I love the feeling of taking a blank canvas and creating someting unique and beautiful.
I feel that when I share my art with others, I am sharing a part of myself.
I also like to learn new art techniques. For example, this semester I am learning photography.
Thanks to the painting that you buy from this website, you help me pay for my school and art studio, and buy my art supplies.
The gallery page has all my oil painting, and the drawing page has my charcoal drawings.
I hope you like my paintings, if you have any questions or are interested in any painting, you can click on the buttom "Buy Now" or you can email me. Thank you!

Contact Me

You can send an email to abogadadianareyes@gmail.com